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The Importance of Data Backups 
Backups are an essential, yet often overlooked and misunderstood, part of every organization. When the computer systems are running well, the topic gets shoved to the bottom of the meeting agenda and easily forgotten.

Working Remotely – The new frontier
For almost 20 years I worked in an office setting. The routine was structured and set. Once my family came into the picture, we became a well-oiled machine. My husband and I had our routine to get ourselves and our girls up and out the door. As I headed to the office, I would have my laptop, coffee ...

A Team Lead’s recipe for the perfect remote social hour
It’s no surprise that one of the hardest parts about implementing social distancing in the workplace is, well, keeping it social. A regular social hour between project milestones serves as much-needed valve to let off steam as well as strengthen social connections between team members. However, ...

AWS Step Functions
AWS Step Functions is a web-based orchestration service that enables you to coordinate the components of an application into logical steps using individual components that each perform a discrete function or task. This allows for easier scalability of processes and decreases the amount of time ...

Pure Information
The next generation of information management.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Covid-19 Virus
We may never know the full impact Artificial Intelligence is having on the effort to help control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, we can be sure it is playing a significant role. Artificial Intelligence, in the form of chatbots, is being used to automate communication with concerned and ...

Quantum Computing at the Kitchen Table
Introduction Recently, Google published a claim that they got a quantum computer with 53 superconducting qubits to do a calculation in 200 seconds that would have taken a classical computer 10,000 years to complete. They don’t claim it was a useful calculation (more like a good random number), but ...

Be Kind to Your Eyes!
Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional. For this article, I relied on others who have better knowledge of the topic than I do. Some expert sources may disagree with what I am presenting. To be on the safe side, consult with your doctor or optometrist, in addition to doing your own research. My ...

Top 5 Reasons to Rewrite Your Application
1. Tons of integrations are available! Companies are moving to cloud services at a record rate. Many companies now have several different cloud solutions.

Windows 10 Upgrade & Risks of Avoiding It
You may be asking yourself, “What does upgrading to windows 10 do for me?” I have the answer for you! There are many benefits to upgrading to Windows 10 such as speed, security, interface ease, compatibility, and a growing number of built-in software tools.

Improve Your Performance and Profitability Today

SCS uses best-in-class tools to deliver database, reporting and data platform and analytics solutions. We partner with your team to develop custom solutions.

FIMC and Embedded Analytics
Our most recent work with FIMC has been focused on implementing improved methods for sharing data with their vendors and customers. Specifically, we wanted to create a way for FIMC to share data that could be more quickly and easily analyzed by their suppliers and distributors, preferably using a ...

Tuning Hyperparameters
Anyone who has attempted to tackle Machine Learning, or even read about Machine Learning (ML), has probably run into the term hyperparameters. It is usually referred to when discussing “hyperparameter optimization” or “hyperparameter tuning”. This step can be crucial when it comes to improving the ...

Key Influencers Visualization
This is additional content for the book, “Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI.” It fits in Chapter 6 – Basic Data Visualization in the middle of page 168 prior to the Other Visual Elements section.

Conditional Formatting Warnings
New feature as of August 2019.

Icons Advanced Controls Dialog Box
Updated feature as of August 2019.

Grouping Visuals
New feature as of August 2019.

Branding the Power BI Service
New Feature as of August 2019.

Team SCS: Some of Our Favorite Projects from 2019!
We love every project that comes through our door and we love providing customized technology solutions that help our clients do what they do just a little bit better and easier! Every year, however, there are a few projects that really stand out. Here are some of our favorite projects from 2019:

“Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI” Book Sneak Peek #2!
Interview with Dan Corley, Technical Editor In anticipation of the upcoming release of our newest book, Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI, written by our very own, Brian Larson, we reached out to the Technical Editor, Dan Corley. This interview will give you a little insight into what readers ...

The Magic of Strengths
by Michele Krolczyk, Principal, Vivid360 EOS/Traction Implementer / StrengthsFinder Guide Imagine if you understood what makes you tick…like really understand what drives you, what motivates you, what makes you communicate the way you do, etc. Then imagine being able to understand what makes others ...

Improve Your Performance and Profitability Today

SCS uses best-in-class tools to deliver database, reporting and data platform and analytics solutions. We partner with your team to develop custom solutions.

Why You Need A Project Manager
What’s a project manager? Simply put, project managers play a focal role in determining and administering the many activities required to ensure a project is conceived, executed and completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

“Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI” Book Sneak Peek!
Interview with Wendy Rinaldi at McGraw-Hill In anticipation of the upcoming release of one of our newest books, Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI, currently being written by our very own, Brian Larson, we decided to reach out to McGraw-Hill Editorial Director, and longtime friend of Brian, ...

FIMC and Our Recent Power BI Training
It’s been just over a year since we started working with FIMC and in that amount of time the data warehouse project has come a long way! Through an iterative process, we have incorporated data covering almost all aspects of operations at FIMC, growing it into a tool that can provide comprehensive ...

Meet Our 2019 Associates!
We sat down with the 2019 Associates for our new SCS Associate Consultant Program to learn a little more about them and to find out what they are most looking forward to during this program. Give a big welcome to Cassie, John and Jacob!