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Move On Premise Servers to the Cloud
Moving on premise servers to the cloud can save you time, money and effort if done correctly. There are many approaches for moving on premise servers and workloads to the cloud, but here we will be focusing on lift and shift today.

Data Denormalization Made Easy
Power BI Query Editor Value and Table Columns Data stored as part of a transactional data processing system, for example a database to information on package deliveries, is often difficult to work with when it comes time to explore that data or create reports. This is because of a process called ...

Where Does Power BI Fit in Our Data Journey?
Power BI is the newest business intelligence offering from Microsoft. It’s a product that a lot of people have been talking and thinking about for the past year or two, and it is gaining more and more traction every day. I like to refer to it as “The best tool that people don’t realize they should ...

Power BI Connection Types
The most common way to use Power BI is to import the data into Power BI and define the structure of the data model there. In many situations, this is the best way to use Power BI. However, it is not the only way to use Power BI.

Why Technology Best Practices are Critical
As with many things in life, technology sometimes allows you to take the “easy way out.” For example, you have been working hard on implementing the new Exchange server and you hit a road block. The install won’t complete. You do some digging and find out what the issue is, then you come to a ...

Preventing Cross Site Request Forgery
Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is an attack against web applications that forces users to execute unwanted actions within the web applications that they are currently authenticated. By sending a malicious link via email, social network post or chat, an attacker may trick users of web ...

Backup. Restore. Repeat. Your System Backup Survival Guide.
By Tim LaPean, SCS Infrastructure Consultant

Top Three Reasons Superior Consulting Services is a Perfect Fit from an Application Development Consultant’s Point of View
John D. Floyd – Application Development Consultant

Dynamic SQL Search Performance
Recently SCS was approached by a client and presented with an interesting problem: frequently, their data management application – a critical piece of their business model – would grind to a halt. Searches would take many minutes to complete, if they completed at all. Important reports which ...

Who is SCS?
Superior Consulting Services (SCS) is a Microsoft Gold Certified technology firm providing innovative solutions that enable our clients to solve business problems. We use Microsoft products and tools to provide custom solutions to small- to medium-sized businesses in the Twin Cities, as well as ...

Improve Your Performance and Profitability Today

SCS uses best-in-class tools to deliver database, reporting and data platform and analytics solutions. We partner with your team to develop custom solutions.

Superior Consulting Services Creates Custom Software Application to Replace the Venerable Time
Burnsville, MN (July, 2009) — Superior Consulting Services (SCS), a technology firm that combines highly experienced IT professionals with Microsoft products and tools to solve business problems, has created a custom software application that moves the age-old time clock in to the 21st century.