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The Superior Way

Empathetic, Customized Solutions

You have choices for your custom application and data solutions partner. So why choose Superior Consulting Services?

Over 26 years of experience has allowed us to identify the keys to a successful partnership. We ensure these keys to success through the Superior Way. The Superior Way is a tailor-made solution implemented through an iterative, collaborative process with knowledge transferred to your team at its conclusion.

Listen and Learn

You will be listened to; your business, your challenges and your goals will be heard and understood.

You will:

  • Share the business issues to be solved
  • Define what done (success) looks like
  • Set the constraints on cost and time 

Tailormade Solution

Your solution will be tailored to your needs. We don’t retrofit templates to your needs - we build from the ground up.

You will:

  • Receive a plan for a unique solution fit to your business needs
  • Have your organization’s existing skills and resources leveraged to save time and money
  • Not see square pegs forced into round holes

Iterative, Collaborative Implementation

Your participation and feedback will be incorporated during implementation through an iterative, collaborative process.

You will:

  • Work with a team consisting of SCS (and your staff) members
  • Receive status and demos for review and feedback after each short sprint
  • See progress focused on attaining your business goals and achieving the done (success) state

Knowledge Transfer

Your team will receive the knowledge to maintain and enhance the solution after the initial project is complete.

You will:

  • Receive documentation for the solution
  • See your team members mentored during the implementation process
  • Have trained users and technical personnel

What Our Clients Say

Easy-to-use ensures new users learn to use prototyping tools.

Thanks to SCS, we have a dynamic data migration tool for our ERP to help us migrate fromOracle to SQL Server. Our data migration challenge is significant with more than 10,000 tables, ~2TB data volumes and data definition changes. The tool SCS developed to automatically create SSIS packages to migrate individual tables and the control program they created to allow us to control the number of parallel executions have both proven to work out great. We are one step closer to a successful ERP upgrade.

- Ken Jensen, VP of IT, Nilfisk-Advance

The resources from Superior Consulting Services were a great addition to the project team. They quickly fit into the team, provided value and were a huge contributor to the success of the projects.

-Director of Business Technology

Superior Consulting Services quickly understood our needs and was extremely attentive and responsive throughout the process. Open communication between our teams led to a successful outcome. The end solution SCS developed works very well and has been very helpful during system upgrades. Benefits include peace of mind and complete cloning of the data environment enabling reporting at all times.

- Project Director, Medical Device Client

Having used SCS twice, I continue to be pleased with the people and expertise they bring to the table. They comfortably worked to meet the challenging delivery demands of our BI project, including two-week release cycles. With their no-nonsense sales approach, they successfully match our needs with their skills. Bottom line, SCS has set expectations and is hitting their marks.

-John, IT Director

leadership group

Our Story

The Superior Way is part of our story, but it’s not the whole picture. Explore our history and get to know our team.

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