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An Introduction to Microsoft Teams

August 26, 2020

A component of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams takes teamwork to the next level with intuitive navigation and on-point features that make doing business even easier. Let’s take a closer look!

What is Microsoft Teams?

An online communication and collaboration app, Microsoft Teams helps teams stay organized, collaborate on projects and engage in real-time conversations.

Primary Features of Microsoft Teams 

  • Teams are made up of Channels. Create Channels around certain topics or departments. Use Channels to schedule meetings, engage in conversations about specific clients and projects and share files.
  • Collaborate on files in real-time while simultaneously sharing feedback and ideas.
  • Sync your Teams Calendar with your Outlook calendar for seamless scheduling.
  • Want to talk to one or a few specific team members? Utilize the Chat feature. This allows you to talk privately – as opposed to publicly on the Channel interface. It also helps keep Channels from getting bogged down with peripheral conversations.

Additional Features

  • Team members can make video or audio calls to other team members inside the Chat.
  • Team members can make calls to people outside the Teams app from the Calls tab.
  • Choose to download the mobile app for communication and collaboration on the go!

At Superior Consulting Services, we love Microsoft Teams! Here are some of our favorite features:

I would have to say my favorite feature of Teams is a recent one that opens up a new window while you are in a meeting. This allows you to keep a full screen of the meeting that is taking place and allows you to keep the main Teams window open to either chat, review files or anything else you may need while you are on the call. 

– Jacob Prouty, BI Consultant


My favorite part of Teams? Meetings. With everyone virtual, I’ve used this so much in the past 5+ months.  It is a great way to stay connected, see facial expressions/body language and feel like we’re together. Pre-COVID, I had only used the Teams meeting a handful of times. Now I use it for face-to-face meetings 2-8 times per day. It’s easy for people outside of SCS to use as well. I have used it for 1:1s, planning meetings, board meetings, stand-ups, weekly meetings, happy hours, etc.

– Lisa Schmid, COO


By far my favorite feature of Teams is the capability to easily create Teams meetings through Outlook – with an automatically attached link to join or phone number to call in. It makes it so easy and effortless to schedule meetings with clients during these remote times!

– Michael Gravley, Application Development Consultant


Client meetings are so much better over Teams vs. conference calls. Relationships are key when you are in sales. You form a much better connection with someone when you can actually see each other.  

– Nicole Snell, Sales Director