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Here are Our Latest Publications

Power BI and Generative AI: What You Need to Know
Generative AI writing, image creation and video creation has ramped up to new levels. It was only a matter of time before SaaS tools started integrating the power of this popular AI technology within their platforms.

Why Do You Need Microsoft Consulting Services?
No matter what tools you use, any business-level Microsoft software or application is a significant investment. And most businesses aren’t seeing a return on that investment.

Web Site Security: Requirements & Tools
Web Site Security for ASP.NET Don’t give security threats the green light into your organization. We are launching a blog series featuring a variety of topics relating to web site security, types of security breaches that may occur and how to mitigate those breaches. Follow Superior Consulting ...

VIDEO: The IT Department – A Key Business Partner
John Bredesen, Business IT Consultant & Author, and Michael Bergstrom, SCS President, discuss how IT is and should be a key business partner. Watch our latest video and learn how to ban silos, map strategies and encourage better integration.

SCS Offers Customizable Power BI Training
Superior Consulting Services offers a fully customizable Power BI Training, led by expert Brian Larson, SCS Chief Creative Officer and Partner. Larson is a Power BI and SQL Server expert and nationally recognized speaker and author [link to bio].

VIDEO: Making the Most Out of Your Data – Reporting & Analytics
John Bredesen, Business IT Consultant & Author, and Brian Larson, Chief Creative Officer & Partner, discuss taking data visualization in new directions in SCS’s latest video. Our experts take note that data analytics is more than just reports and scorecards—it’s seeing things past, present, ...

Q & A with Superior Consulting Services (SCS) Founder, John Miller 
Superior Consulting Services (SCS) celebrates 25 years of technology consulting in 2022. What began as a two-person show focused on using technology to solve business problems, is now a thriving consulting firm with 20+ associates. Now 534 clients later, that commitment to creating technology ...

Long-Time Consultant Reflects on a Memorable Project
We asked long-time application development consultant, Michael Walsh to reflect on a significant memory from his 23+ years with SCS. “I remember in 1999, I was supporting an agricultural cooperative with 600+ stores across several states. There was a point of sales shut down in hundreds of stores ...

Power BI Python Visualizations – Adding a Vertical Line to a Graph
Power BI has a great selection of visualizations that are both incredibly easy to implement, and cover most of the functionality that users have grown accustomed to. However, there are some scenarios that fall outside of the abilities that the Power BI native visualizations offer, as well as ...

Improve Your Performance and Profitability Today

SCS uses best-in-class tools to deliver database, reporting and data platform and analytics solutions. We partner with your team to develop custom solutions.

SCS – 25 Years of Technology Consulting
Superior Consulting Services is 25 years old! That means I have been an SCS employee for 25 years. How did that happen? It seems like only yesterday I was walking into our little first-floor office suite over on the Highway 13 frontage road, shaking hands with SCS founder, John Miller, and finding ...

The IT Director: Where IT and Business Meet
The point of the IT department is to help the organization succeed. To do this, we need to understand that organization and the world it operates in. In addition, we must understand technology products, services, and trends enough to know how to apply them to our organization. We must understand ...

Ask the IT Director: Finding Time To Improve IT Processes
Dear IT Director, Help! We are running around with our hair on fire, working on too many business projects. Our IT processes need help, but we don’t have any time to improve them. Overwhelmed in Omaha Dear Overwhelmed, I feel your pain. The list of changes the business needs is long and you want to ...

Software Development and Project Management Best Practices
The software development environment at most organizations has drastically changed over the past few years and will likely continue to evolve to keep up with the fast pace of technology advancements. As customers and end-users increasingly demand rapid delivery of software that works well and ...