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Should You Switch to Microsoft Fabric? A Guide for IT Directors
Microsoft Fabric is now live. With the launch of this latest data powerhouse tool many IT directors are asking themselves: does it make sense to stick with what we have, or to use Fabric instead?

Elevate Your Business With a Better Web App Experience
The following blog comes from Isaac Frishman, Application Development Consultant at Superior Consulting Services.

High-level Overview of Medallion Architecture
The following blog comes from Brian Grebinoski, Principal Data & Analytics Consultant at Superior Consulting Services. Keeping a high volume of data organized is one of the top priorities for a business analyst. You’ve likely heard of (or may already be using) Medallion architecture to achieve ...

How to Choose a Software Development Consultant
The following blog comes from John Floyd, Senior Application Development Consultant at Superior Consulting Services.

Using SSIS and PowerShell to Manage Power BI Workspaces
The following blog comes from Addison Sand, Data & Analytics Consultant at Superior Consulting Services.

Fabric Community Conference Recap
Brian Larson attended the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference in March 2024. Michael Bergstrom sat down with Brian to capture a quick recap of the experience.

Will Microsoft Fabric Replace Synapse or Azure SQL?
If you saw the announcement for Fabric and are wondering what this means for the future of Synapse and Azure SQL, you’re not alone. With Microsoft’s introduction of Fabric, it’s difficult to know which current data solutions will remain relevant and which will be replaced by Fabric.

Is Microsoft Fabric Replacing Power BI?
Microsoft Fabric has launched, and with it comes a big question: Is Power BI going away?

Why You Should Perform an SQL Server Health Check Monthly
Your database isn’t a static asset. As time goes by, more data is processed, database usage changes, and more users are added. This natural evolution can start to cause issues within your database if left unchecked.

Webinar: Microsoft Fabric - What, Why and How Much
We recently hosted a webinar all about the new features of Microsoft Fabric. An all-in-one data analytics solution with a myriad of features, Microsoft Fabric covers everything from data movement to data science and real-time analytics.

Improve Your Performance and Profitability Today

SCS uses best-in-class tools to deliver database, reporting and data platform and analytics solutions. We partner with your team to develop custom solutions.

Power BI and Generative AI: What You Need to Know
Generative AI writing, image creation and video creation has ramped up to new levels. It was only a matter of time before SaaS tools started integrating the power of this popular AI technology within their platforms.

Why Do You Need Microsoft Consulting Services?
No matter what tools you use, any business-level Microsoft software or application is a significant investment. And most businesses aren’t seeing a return on that investment.

Web Site Security: Requirements & Tools
Web Site Security for ASP.NET Don’t give security threats the green light into your organization. We are launching a blog series featuring a variety of topics relating to web site security, types of security breaches that may occur and how to mitigate those breaches. Follow Superior Consulting ...