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Superior Consulting Testimonials

SCS helped jump start our data warehouse and reporting initiative by working with our team to install and configure Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. By providing reporting and data mining tools to the end user, we were able to extend the life on applications that do not provide robust internal reporting functionality.
Jennifer Fall
CIO, Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
SCS has been a big help to us. As a medical device company, we need to plan and execute quickly and correctly, especially in IT. SCS provided our IT department with excellent people to help with a particular technology introduction. They wrote and tested code, wrote documentation, implemented procedures and trained our staff—and we all had fun doing it. Technically sharp, enjoyable to work with and dependable, SCS’ consultants were an important part of that project’s success. We will absolutely use them again.
Former IT Manager
Minnetronix, Inc.
Having used SCS twice, I continue to be pleased with the people and expertise they bring to the table. They comfortably worked to meet the challenging delivery demands of our BI project, including two-week release cycles. With their no-nonsense sales approach, they successfully match our needs with their skills. Bottom line, SCS has set expectations and is hitting their marks.
Tim Hau
CIO | CURT Manufacturing, LLC
Working with SCS has been a pleasure. Our consultant is a technical genius, and I haven’t yet come up with an idea that he can’t implement. He can assess project viability and timelines immediately, and help clients weigh their options. Best of all, he is adept at translating technical information into “plain English” so that end user clients can understand any challenges they may encounter or decisions they need to make. Within a month, SCS helped me get a handle on a project that I wasn’t sure was even possible. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.
Elizabeth A. Varro
Membership Manager, Science Museum of Minnesota
Our work with SCS enabled us to consolidate admissions data from three different systems and connect that data with information from yet another set of three different career placement systems. The ability to bring all that data together, look at trends, compare performance year-to-year and perform adhoc investigations enables us to make fact-based decisions to improve performance in the future.
Jason Reusch
Captain, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management
We were having multiple performance issues with the nightly load of data into our warehouse and did not have resources available on staff to address this.  SCS helped us improve error handling resulting in reduced errors and disruptions. They were also instrumental in helping to plan and execute an upgrade to SQL 2014.  The senior technical resource they provided was top notch and our resources had the chance to learn from him.  While SCS was working on those projects we had a couple major disruptions impacting our data warehouse.  They did not hesitate to jump in and help us, even on weekends, to resolve the issue and restore service as quickly as possible.  All this in addition to the services they were already providing us.  Restaurant Technologies values our relationship with SCS as they have become one of our trusted partners.
Sara Prigge
IT Service Desk Manager, Restaurant Technologies

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I have used SCS through three distinct businesses over the last seven years on various-sized projects. I have found their resources to be of high caliber, very focused and dedicated to my needs, pragmatic in their solution approach, and very knowledgeable in their craft. They are excellent people that focus on my problem at hand.

Former Application Development Manager

UCare Minnesota

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SCS assisted us in a major database and analytics environment migration that was time sensitive. Their consultants were responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable. The migration included adding Microsoft Power BI reporting which was new to us. SCS provided custom, in-person training to bring our staff up-to-speed. Due to the success of this migration, we have collaborated with SCS on several data and analytics projects over the past 5 years.

Michael Underwood

Infrastructure Manager/Systems & Database Administrator

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We partnered with SCS to better understand key metrics and relationships, which enables us to be more effective stewards of the donors’ gift. This partnership helps advance our mission to save lives and offer hope and healing through excellence in organ and tissue donation.

Peter D. Farstad

Chief Administrative Officer | Lifesource

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We partnered with SCS to help us assess our current situation, then recommend short- and long-term priorities for both infrastructure and staffing. We have made great strides in shoring up our IT services over the last few months. Much of that can be attributed to the excellent guidance and customer service that SCS provided. SCS has really demonstrated a commitment to our success and we thank them.

Mark Sonneborn

VP of IT | Minnesota Continuum Care Association

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We have worked with SCS on two projects. Team SCS’ methods for defining an application that met our users’ requirements were a key factor in choosing SCS. In both projects, the results have exceeded expectations, and with detailed weekly invoicing, I always know where my project budget stands.

Clint Andrea

Information Systems Director | Northern Star Council

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Thank you to the Superior Consulting Services team for the excellent service and assistance on our most recent projects. The last two projects we have worked on with Superior have been an outstanding experience from thought-to-delivery. As you celebrate your 20th anniversary it has been a privilege for the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board to have been the first SCS customer in April 1997 and a continuous customer for the past 20 years.


Minneapolis Park & Recreation

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In the midst of completing a major change to our data capture, a key programmer on the project encountered a serious health issue, requiring us to seek immediate help to keep our Health Billing Systems operational. Fortunately, the SCS team was able to partner with us to get us through this three-week crisis. Thanks again to SCS and your team for working with us during this critical time.

Allen Tank

CEO | Health Billing Systems, Inc.

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I wanted to get back to you to thank you for having your consultant call me last Tuesday.  It was exactly what I needed to help me navigate to where I needed to be to fix the issue.  The SCS consultant filled the bill and we were back on track relatively quickly.

So, THANK YOU for making that happen so quickly and for all the great people you have over at SCS.

SCS – one in a million!

David Seffren

VP of Information Technology | Dental Services Group

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We are so happy to have SCS as our network maintenance and support provider. We have partnered with SCS since the beginning of 2010. As a small business, we don’t have our own IT staff. However, we have come to think of our SCS consultant as one of our own. If we have a problem or emergency, he is there almost instantly to help find solutions. They have gone above and beyond in working with us—from helping research and test new software products to making recommendations about how we can operate more efficiently and achieve our goals in a cost-effective manner. SCS has been there for us, contributing greatly to our growth and success.

Jenny Smith


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Recently I required some expert assistance to address computer (database) issues caused by a remote network connection with a major client. On the surface, it appeared to be a simple fix but after spending numerous hours trying to rectify the issue myself and after contacting a local firm to assist, the problems remained. I was referred to SCS and what a nice customer experience—all my issues were addressed and corrected but more importantly, it was their consultant’s demeanor that stood out. It’s far too easy to complain when things are not done or addressed properly but for some reason, difficult to complement someone when just the opposite takes place. I would be remiss not to thank SCS for their help resolving my issue. I strongly endorse SCS and their team.

Tim Loden

Managing Member | TL Advantage, LLC

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The expertise provided by SCS allowed us to efficiently handle the large volume of data required for our reporting needs. This solution has increased client satisfaction and given us a competitive edge.

Chris Sanford

CTO/VP of Product Development | SearchAmerica

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Having used SCS twice, I continue to be pleased with the people and expertise they bring to the table. They comfortably worked to meet the challenging delivery demands of our BI project, including two-week release cycles. With their no-nonsense sales approach, they successfully match our needs with their skills. Bottom line, SCS has set expectations and is hitting their marks.

John Bredesen

Director, Information Technology | Minco Products

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Thanks to SCS, we have a dynamic data migration tool for our ERP to help us migrate from Oracle to SQL Server. Our data migration challenge is significant with more than 10,000 tables, ~2TB data volumes and data definition changes. The tool SCS developed to automatically create SSIS packages to migrate individual tables and the control program they created to allow us to control the number of parallel executions have both proven to work out great. We are one step closer to a successful ERP upgrade.



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Hartfiel initially engaged Superior (SCS) seven years ago to administer and further develop our database. Given the quality of the work performed, we continued and expanded our relationship with SCS to several key ongoing applications and data & analytics projects.They are professional, timely in their responses, and flexible when unexpected issues surface. We expect that we will continue to collaborate with them on future project needs.

Jeff Murphy

Hartfiel CFO

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Superior Consulting Services quickly understood our needs and was extremely attentive and responsive throughout the process. Open communication between our teams led to a successful outcome. The end solution SCS developed works very well and has been very helpful during system upgrades. Benefits include peace of mind and complete cloning of the data environment enabling reporting at all times.

Son Stegmaier

Associate Director, Business Intelligence & Reporting

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We have worked with SCS for over 10 years. They have been instrumental in allowing us to access vital information from disparate systems in a meaningful way. Without SCS’s assistance, several projects would have either taken longer or not have been done at all.

Chris Waterbury

IT Director | MacPhail Center for Music