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AI and Machine Learning

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Empower Your Business

What if your data could learn from itself, to produce predictive and prescriptive analytics that benefit your organization? 

Our machine learning solutions are built to tease out predictions and correlations, with ongoing life and unmatched predictive capabilities. Additional intelligence can be added to these predictions and correlations to prescribe future actions.

Business Benefits of AI and Machine Learning

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Learn Predictors of Positive or Negative Behavior

Machine learning can accentuate positive outcomes or minimize negative outcomes. For example, the process learns the characteristics that most identify your customers who make a positive buying decision. 

Your sales and marketing efforts can use this information to focus efforts on potential customers with the same characteristics. Conversely, the process learns the characteristics that most identify your customers who do not pay invoices in a timely manner. Your credit department can impose lower credit limits or require cash transactions from new customers with the same characteristics.  

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Prepare for Future Conditions

Machine learning can facilitate more informed decision-making by predicting the future value of a key performance indicator and the conditions that KPI reveals. The process learns what external conditions have most affected the value of a KPI in the past and uses those correlations to predict future values. 

For example, weather conditions may increase or decrease the need for your services. Price fluctuations of a related product may increase or decrease sales. Armed with this knowledge, your organization can prepare for the coming reality.
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Analyze Navigation Behavior

Machine learning can analyze navigation through a particular process or site. The process takes in past routes followed in a particular environment to find patterns of behavior. These patterns can be used to optimize a route to a desired destination. 

The path a client follows through a program or certification process can be smoothed by anticipating dead-ends and removing roadblocks. The number of clicks required to bring users to a website call to action can be optimized. 
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Find Likely Associations

Machine learning can find hidden associations within your client and customer engagements. The process looks at past patterns to determine likely future needs or desires. The associations can be used to offer additional services to a client or additional products to a customer.

We Offer Solutions That Improve Your Performance and Profitability

SCS uses best-in-class tools to deliver database, reporting and data platform and analytics solutions. We partner with your team to develop and implement custom solutions that arm leaders with reliable information needed to make informed business decisions.

The Superior Way

Superior Consulting Services (SCS) is a Microsoft-centric technology firm providing innovative solutions that enable our clients to solve business problems. We ensure superior results by using our proven process, The Superior Way.

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