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Move On Premise Servers to the Cloud

November 21, 2017

Moving on premise servers to the cloud can save you time, money and effort if done correctly. There are many approaches for moving on premise servers and workloads to the cloud, but here we will be focusing on lift and shift today.

Lift and Shift

When doing a lift and shift migration, you are essentially moving the hosting location of your on premise servers to the cloud without re-architecting the servers. With this approach, you will be responsible for patching the Operating System on the server and managing server security just like on premises. SCS does not recommend a lift and shift migration for all on premise servers, but in some cases, this may be the best route to go.

Use Cases

  • Moving server applications off of aging hardware quickly
  • Moving complex legacy applications
  • Large migrations


  • No up-front costs such as server hardware
  • You only pay for what you use
  • Much simpler than owning servers
  • No hardware maintenance needs to be done (i.e. firmware updates)
  • No need for specialized HVAC or electricity for a server room
  • Server size/specs can scale to meet peak demands with minimal downtime
  • Applications that are already migrated to the cloud are easier to refactor to use cloud computing resources efficiently since the data has already been migrated


  • You still need to patch the OS and maintain the application the same way you did on premise
  • The application will inherit some of the same performance issues it had on premise
  • Traditional server applications make less efficient use of cloud compute resources than native cloud applications
  • Resource-intensive applications may have performance issues and cost more

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