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Power BI and Enterprise-Scale Analytics

Your Data, Your Story

Contained within your data is the story of your organization. Effectively unlocking that story is the key to the success of any modern enterprise. We create a well-designed, appropriately scaled data analytics environment to reveal that story to personnel throughout the organization for faster, more informed decision making. 

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From Silos to Storehouses

The different tools and technologies required to run an organization leads to multiple pockets of data. Our data analytics solutions break down these silos to align data and create a single source of truth across the entire organization.

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Analytics - Right Size, Right Location

We architect and design data analytics environments that are tailored to fit the needs and the resources of your organization. Microsoft tools from Azure Synapse to SQL Server to Power BI scale to fit the data volume and budget of any organization. These tools also function effectively in on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid environments.

Why Use a Data Model?

Our solutions utilize data models built using Power BI, Analysis Services, and other Microsoft tools. The many key features of a data model ensure a highly effective analytics environment that will be leveraged across the organization.
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Optimized for Analytic Speed

The data model is optimized for speed when aggregating thousands or millions of records for analysis. This allows a user to view the sales margin resulting from millions of individual transactions or determine utilization across thousands of person hours logged on the shop floor.


Business Calculations Captured in One Location

Many key performance indicators within an organization are derived from complex, multi-step calculations. These calculations are captured within measures in the data model. This ensures the calculation is exactly the same across every report, dashboard and data interaction.

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User Friendly

The data model presents information in a manner that is natural to the organization. No deciphering of cryptic database field names or writing of complex queries is necessary. The user-friendly naming, built-in data relationships, and familiar structure make it possible for any authorized user to explore the data in an meaningful manner.

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Granular Security

Making data available to the organization requires careful control over who has access to sensitive data. The data model provides a robust and highly granular mechanism for making the right information available to the right people.

The Superior Way

Superior Consulting Services (SCS) is a Microsoft-centric technology firm providing innovative solutions that enable our clients to solve business problems. We ensure superior results by using our proven process, The Superior Way. 

Delivering Client Success Everyday

Enterprise-Wide Analytics System Makes Data-Driven Decisions Easy

A global electronic components manufacturer approached us to enhance their enterprise-wide analytics and reporting capabilities. They chose SCS based on our track record in delivering quality consulting and data analytics solutions. Initially, they relied on siloed reporting and manual spreadsheets for company-wide analytics, making cross-division comparisons challenging due to different manufacturing practices across their three divisions.

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Cloud-based Reporting/Analytics Environment for Pro Football Metrics

PFF grades teams and players based on every play, providing a comprehensive analysis of performance. Pro Football Focus (PFF) required a secure, interactive, high-volume Internet environment for data analysis that wouldn't affect the transactional data gathering system and could be easily duplicated.

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Improving Data Quality and Query Performance with a Data Warehouse

Trean Corporation, an independent entity, provides insurance management services, consulting, and reinsurance placement. With rapid growth and increased data, their current reporting databases lack data cleansing, leading to performance issues and report delays. The accuracy of the data is further complicated by receiving XML files from various sources. To overcome these challenges, Trean Corporation sought the expertise of Superior Consulting Services.

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A Highly Available and Highly Performing Transactional and Reporting Environment

A Midwest medical device company partnered with Superior Consulting Services to create a seamless data disaster recovery solution. They needed to be able to switch to an "active" backup warehouse without any data or time loss.

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Implementing High Availability and Workload Balancing Using SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups

This client, a software and data services organization for the automotive recycling industry, needed to upgrade their data platform, EDEN, to improve data synchronization with external entities. This involved expanding their parts catalog and enhancing high-availability and load-balancing capabilities for eLink, their real-time inventory integration solution for eBay. The synchronization process between EDEN and eLink was causing performance issues, requiring an immediate resolution. Additionally, the upgraded EDEN platform needed a method to sync data with the existing legacy model while gradually removing application dependencies.

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