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15 Years of Teamwork & Technology Solutions

December 19, 2012

1513-150x150They say that if you start a business and make it to the one-year anniversary, you have accomplished something big. As we wrap up 2012 and near the end of our 15th anniversary year of providing businesses with smart technology solutions, SCS is having lot of fun remembering what it is that has allowed us to accomplish so much:

The Team – When SCS started out, the URL we picked for the website was “Team SCS.” That is because outside of family (a truly special word), we believe “team” is the best word to represent a cohesive, steadfast unit. Our team focus has always been one of our very best attributes. SCS is more than a business or a place to work because we are a team first—a team of highly committed, hardworking, fun-loving and talented colleagues with a shared commitment to improving the technology solutions, performance and capabilities of our clients.

The Service – “Superior” is a part of our name, Superior Consulting Services, and it’s also what we always strive to be—a provider of superior consulting and technology solutions. By setting the service bar to the highest standards, SCS ensures clients get the market’s very best—superior technology solutions that will make their businesses better.

The Focus – SCS decided 15 years ago we were never going to be an AFAB (Anything for a Buck) business. In the early days, SCS was a focused Microsoft technology consulting company with two business units: Custom Application Development and Network Services and Support. Today we have grown to four business units after adding Business Intelligence and Special Projects to our offering. This strategic growth has increased the value and technology solutions we provide without risking our focus on developing concentrated areas of expertise.

The Clients & the Staff – A company doesn’t make it to 15 years providing technology solutions in a competitive market without great employees and outstanding clients. Through the years, SCS has enjoyed and appreciated the loyalty of many clients who have been with us since day one. In the same vein, we pride ourselves on an average employee tenure of five-plus years. Several of our employees have been with us since our earliest days and have made us the growing success we are today.

Fifteen years later, I can still remember the discussions we had as we worked to name our company. We wondered if using words like “superior” or “best” might be perceived as arrogant. I am very glad we were not shy about setting the bar very high and using superior to describe our services and business. That choice has shaped how we work, how we serve, how we collaborate, how we innovate and how we grow.

I want to end by thanking the employees, clients, partners and friends who have helped SCS become the superior company we envisioned so many years ago. We couldn’t have done it without you and look forward to delivering continued superior service throughout 2013 and beyond.