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App Development

Fully Custom Applications for Your Employees and Customers

If you can’t make it easy, your employees and customers are going to go to someone who can. Custom applications simplify processes, synthesize data and create places of engagement. Whether internally, externally or both - make life easier for you and those you work with through intuitive applications.

Our Custom Apps are Tailor-made, to Meet All Your Expectations

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Why Build Custom

Your organization has certain methods for getting the job done and certain ways of connecting with employees, clients, and partners that define your culture and provide a competitive advantage. It is essential to preserve these key traits of your organization and not have to adapt them or lose them entirely because of the implementation of an off-the-shelf software product. In these situations, a custom application must be created to preserve and enhance that key cultural element or market advantage. 

We are here to understand what makes up your “secret sauce” and provide custom software tools that ensure those special traits are reinforced and continue to thrive within your organization.

Getting Geeky

Tools We Use

  • .NET

  • React & Angular

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • C#

The Superior Way

Superior Consulting Services (SCS) is a Microsoft-centric technology firm providing innovative solutions that enable our clients to solve business problems. We ensure superior results by using our proven process, The Superior Way.

Delivering Client Success Everyday

Application Mapping Functionality

Our client, a large organization, facilitates condemned tree removal and payment services. They were using 20-year-old software to track information throughout the entire removal process, from initial tree inspection to contracting and payment collection from property owners.

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New Service-Oriented Data Management Architecture

The client needed a robust web service to efficiently manage data flow between third-party programs and internal software systems, while also providing convenient issue reporting for users and IT staff. They partnered with Superior Consulting Services (SCS) to leverage their expertise in third-party applications and software development.

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Creating a Configurable ETL Process that can be Controlled by Account Service Personnel

Our client provides water, hygiene, and energy services to corporate customers in the food, energy, healthcare, industrial, and hospitality markets. Employees of these companies require access to a website where they can view reports on the services provided. The information available to each employee is restricted based on their position in the company. To meet this requirement, our client imports employee lists and company hierarchy information from each of the large companies it services. However, this task is challenging due to the different data formats used by these companies, requiring the development and maintenance of numerous ETL programs.

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Automated Data Capture and Reporting Solution Eliminates Manual Labor and Risk and Increases Efficiency

A non-profit organization in Minnesota supports hundreds of units with the help of employees and volunteers. Each home must have regular reports to monitor activities, resulting in audits reported to state inspectors and management. Unit supervisors use Microsoft Excel for reporting, with the need for central storage and traceability for changes and updates.

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Insurance Provider Automates Decades-Old Policy Administration Application

An A.M. Best, A+ Rated insurance industry client needed a new system to replace their outdated policy administration application on the unsupported OS/2 platform. The client had 15 lines of business with internal and external data interfaces that required a new system to handle new and existing business.

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