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Case Study:

Automated Data Capture and Reporting Solution Eliminates Manual Labor and Risk and Increases Efficiency

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Industry: Non-profit

Project Type: App Development

Project Overview

A leading Minnesota non-profit organization that advocates for our most vulnerable citizens—children, people with disabilities, and the elderly—to ensure they have the opportunity to live and work in the community with safety, dignity, and hope. The non-profit currently has hundreds of units (houses) that it supports with the help of employees and volunteers.

Each home that the client oversees must have reports to monitor activities and required processes on a daily, weekly, month and quarterly basis. This monitoring results in daily and weekly audits that must be reported to state inspectors, as well multiple levels of management. Unit supervisors were completing all reporting using Microsoft Excel. Results between local computers and shared network drives. The process to allow central storage, traceability for changes and updates or reporting.

Strategy and Solution

Superior Consulting Services (SCS) created an automated, efficient, accurate, scalable, and auditable solution that could identify issues at each home: an online web-based application developed in Visual Studio 2010 with .NET Framework 3.5. The solution gave the client online access to six online data entry forms for specific activities and audits so that they could easily be managed and shared with management and state inspectors, The solution was revised multiple times before landing on an application that all project stakeholders agreed met their needs. Seven reports were also created that provided management many views and trends by quarter and year.

The Results

Reports that would have taken days to create before now only take seconds. This is due in large to the features provided by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Furthermore, the reporting solution is accessible by various levels of management, which helped eliminate the need for each management level to compile data manually, before sending reports, where the process would simply be repeated. Finally, thanks to the project management practices used by SCS, the project met all of the client’s budget, functionality, and schedule expectations.

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