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SCS Offers Customizable Power BI Training

June 30, 2022

Superior Consulting Services offers a fully customizable Power BI Training, led by expert Brian Larson, SCS Chief Creative Officer and Partner. Larson is a Power BI and SQL Server expert and nationally recognized speaker and author [link to bio].

Overview: Power BI Training helps companies understand and better use Power BI to create visualizations, data models, and extract the most meaningful data for business results. It encourages all types of users to get comfortable with the Power BI environment and understand its capabilities, specific to their role. The training is fully customizable by user, industry, or company-specific data and can be conducted in person or virtually.

Who is this training for? Those who work with Power BI data wear very different hats. This training takes a 3-pronged approach, providing users with training specific to their needs:

  1. Data Viewers: This user primarily looks at visualizations from Power BI. They will learn how to interact with the tool for effective analysis, using dashboards, and reports.
  2. Data Explorers: These users will learn how to create the most effective visualizations, tell a data story, and explore the many interactive features within Power BI.
  3. Data Wranglers: These users create and author data models. They take data from multiple sources, put it together, manipulate it, and will learn how to put it into varied formats for analyzing. The DAX language will be used to create measures for complex data modeling. Data Wranglers will know how to bring data together from across the enterprise to create an effective and user-friendly environment.

Each student will receive a copy of Larson’s book, Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI to use as a reference.

Ready to get started or want more information? Contact SCS today!

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