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Free SQL Server Health Check

Is your data safe and optimized? Superior Consulting Services offers a FREE SQL Server Health Check to identify inefficiencies and vulnerabilities.

Utilize our FREE Health Check to: ​

  • Determine the size of your database(s) along with disk space consumption. ​
  • Ensure your database environment is operating efficiently. ​
  • Your data has the appropriate protection. 
  • Based on this Health Check, our expert consultants will quickly track down complex issues, efficiently analyze your data environment, and create workable solutions for any issue.
Avoid common issues such as:
  • Slow server operation
  • Unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Data loss due to server crash, etc.

Get your assessment TODAY! Our expert consultants are ready to help.

Get Your Free Assessment

In order to most accurately deliver your report while ensuring your privacy is protected, we will need to contact you directly to schedule an assessment. After filling out the form, someone from our team will respond to you within 3 business days to schedule your assessment.

Based on performing a health check, below are examples of some problems that may be detected or prevented. Our expert consultants will quickly and efficiently analyze your data environment to create workable solutions for any issues.

Urgent Recommendations

  • The user databases are on the C:\ drive. There is a risk that the C:\ drive will fill up and the operating system will stop functioning.
  • Backups are essential for disaster recovery and data recovery. Keep data backed up to avoid data loss!
  • The server may need additional resources or query optimization may be able to reduce the CPU load on the server when resource usage runs high.

High Priority Recommendations

  • Maintain appropriate memory allocation for maximum server memory.
  • The master, model, and msdb databases are stored on the C:\ drive. They should be moved to a data drive.
  • Setup Emails to notify when Agent Jobs fail.
  • Keep SQL Server up to date for best security performance.