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Chief Operations Officer & Partner

Lisa Schmid

As Chief Operations Officer (COO) and an SCS partner, Lisa Schmid is responsible for ensuring efficient and effective company operations at SCS. In addition to overseeing strategic human resources management, procurement and logistical services, Lisa handles day-to-day accounting activities and assists in the development of policies and methods to maximize the company’s administrative performance and operating environment. 

Lisa joined the SCS team in 1998 as a member of the IT support staff and moved into an administration role in 1999. She was elevated to Manager of Administration in 2007, Chief of Operations in January 2009, has served as Vice President of Operations since May 2010 and is also an SCS partner. Previously, Lisa was a computer user trainer for Best Buy and an IT specialist at Federated Insurance.

Lisa earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Environmental Science from the University of Minnesota in Duluth, Minnesota. She is PHR certified and is an active member of TechServe Alliance (formerly NACCB) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

What Lisa loves about the work she does:

I enjoy order and making sure everything gets done as it should. In my COO role, I enjoy the work I do that keeps SCS moving forward on track and in an orderly fashion.


What you might not know about Lisa…

I have over 5000 Red Wiggler worms that live in a composting bin in my house and I harvest over five gallons of worm juice (aka worm pee) annually. The worms help cut down on our food waste tremendously and their compost and “juice” make the best fertilizer!